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We have this rabbit that haunts the yard. It comes, it goes, and it appears on a whim. Mysteriously, that lil’ bastard has eaten all the buds on various garden vegetables over the years, depriving me of spicy jalapeños and Dorian of succulent zuccini. We’ve had our stare downs when I open the door or discover him out and about, and let me tell you, he knows, oh, he knows. His cousin the Easter Bunny visited our house in the form of Ma and Pa Buck, my wife’s parents. I love it when the in-laws come to town, not only cause they’re family (and I have to love them), but they’re good people and we always have a good time together. We also manage to find our way to Flat Top at some point, and there’s no reason to complain about that. 😉 But for Dorian, Grandma and Grandpa visiting brings only one thing, disruption in the orderly chaos he has so carefully crafted.
Iguanas love a schedule, they love routines, and they love their universe in an orderly fashion that best suits their needs, desires, and whims. That means bath time at the same time daily, food should be in the bowl when iggy is returned, and inspection rounds of the premises must occur at the same time every afternoon. Any deviation or disruption in the schedule results in numerous instances of headbobbing, random defecation, and the occasional headbutt or push. So when the grandparents showed up to hang out on Easter a few weeks back, Dorian had to flex his muscles and let them know who was in charge. Grandpa was OK, because he’s a man, and for some reason, Dorian is a chauvinist. We think it’s because he was abused in the past by a woman. As a rescue, he’d be leery of just about anyone, but for the female gender, he can be downright hostile. (“Don’t touch me!”) He also hates shrill and high octave voices (this may be a topic for another post) so Grandma’s Saginaw-nasal must grate the little guy. Every time Tammy would sit in Dorian’s papasan (well, he thinks it’s his, again, another post) or on the couch, he would either walk in front of her, or climb up and give her the what-for. But after he got over the initial “there’s another man in the house,” he was fine with Ken, and even let him sit in his papasan as you can see in the picture. Dorian let Pa Buck pet him and he sat so nicely in his lap, even comfying down a bit, something he rarely does even with my wife. The grandparents love the grandlizards immensely, so much so that we even surprised them two years ago with a bearded dragon of their own named Samurai. Rescued from a disinterested 14 yr old, ‘Sammy’ is doing swell, and with the empty nest, he gets spoiled rotten, much like Dorian does when the Bucks visit. We give him extra treats to calm down, he loves getting the extra attention, and secretly, I think he loves to show off for two new people who are naïve to his fearsome reputation (or so he thinks). At the end of the weekend, Dorian was back to his normal naughty self.