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Wedding season is upon us, and we’ll be heading to Indianapolis this weekend to attend our friend’s Chris and Mallory’s wedding. Hooray traditional Catholic nuptials and your two hour sanctimonious drivel! I kid, I kid. It should be great, and we’re looking forward to it. A little over eight months ago on 9/10/11, I finally made my wife an honest woman after eight long years, walking her down the aisle of matrimony plunging headlong into marital bliss. It was a very happy occasion, but not without a tremendous amount of work on the part of my wife and her family. Sure, I helped a little, finding the church, the caterer, the minister for state mandated premarital counseling… you know, the fun parts, that was all me. Seriously though, we had one kickass wedding, and I’d like to think if you missed it, you missed the best wedding ever. Our photographers, Shane and Janelle of happinest photography told us it was their favorite wedding of the year, and they even ordered a copy of album to use a sample for future clients to consider. Man, what an awesome compliment! For us, it was just a culmination of everything we wanted, great vegan cuisine, an awesome band, Years, (seriously, check them out!), and a classy 40s vintage style reception that reflected exactly who we were. We even had signature cocktails, the wife had the Ambitini (raspicello and UV Cake vodka), and I had the Neon Theo (Malibu rum, midori, and Mt. Dew) represented on an iggy adorned sign plate, natch. We got married in Fort Wayne, IN, about five hours from where we lived in Illinois. It was a chore to get everything set up remotely and through our proxies, but we did it. The only thing missing from the days surrounding the event was the absence of our lovable lizards. Early in the planning process, we discussed whether we could include Dorian in the proceedings, maybe as the ‘ring iggy;’ he could flow a trail of orange slices or bread crumbs down the aisle with ring hanging around his neck. We actually tried to make it work in our heads, but Murphy’s law prevented us realization it; most prominently, an image of us waiting for the ring to emerge from a scaly vent after Dorian accidently snacked the ring in a bread crumb. Yikes! We had the most difficulty in find a pet sitter for week we were gone. We had invited tow of the three regular petsitters we regularly use, but one had moved to Florida, and the other was attending a wedding in Chicago the same day. The third petsitter was attending the same wedding, and so it went as we contacted vet tech after vet tech to help out. Finally, we broke down and asked a friend we had wanted to invite to the wedding, but couldn’t because of space issues. She and her boyfriend were kind enough to take care of the kids while we were involved in the festivities, and the few short days we had for a mini-honeymoon (both of us were in school, taking two weeks just wasn’t happening). Kaitlin and Austin were awesome, and they loved taking care of Dorian and friends. Dorian liked Austin, (again misogynist that he is) and even got him thinking about getting an iggy of his own, just in a smaller package. Unfortunately, the next size down are downright temperamental, (Cuban rock iguana) or a just plain effin’ angry little SOBs (Mexican spiny tail). But you know, there’s always a chuckwalla. 😉