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dorian_caliOne of the things that was a bit difficult for all of us to get used to in the first few days in our new home was living in an apartment again. While Dorian and Gobo were used to apartments in Louisville and DeKalb, Caliban hadn’t lived in an apartment for 6 years, and Irwin hadn’t since I adopted him. There were noises, of course, and both Dorian and Irwin seemed startled to hear voices out in the hallway. There was loud music, but the thing that bothered Dorian and I both the most were the kids playing on the stairs and screaming in the stairwell. (We share a dislike for children’s voices.) Dorian would sit in his tank or on the couch and close his eyes, as if trying to ignore then would make them go away, and then he would head bob one of those slow head bobs that he warms up first. While neither Dorian nor myself look forward to screaming children hour in the afternoon, we’ve at least gotten used to it. They prompt fewer head bobs from Dorian now.

One of the first things I let Dorian do, once the movers had brought everything into the apartment and had left, was to let Dorian sit on the couch. Iggy’s favorite thing to do is to sit on the back of the couch and to look out the window. He couldn’t do that in the house in Illinois, because the picture window was on the other side of the room from the couch (as well as incredibly cold in the winter). While I’ve been unpacking here this week, Dorian and I have a routine: I get him up in the morning, give him a bath, and then let him sit on the couch in the sunshine for at least an hour before returning him to his tank for some food. He’s loving it.

The one good thing about moving is that it’s shaken up Dorian’s relationship with the other iguana in the house, Caliban. She’s always been scared of him and likes to run away from him. He’s never tried to hurt or attack her; he just likes to head bob and tell her that he’s the one in charge. Because they’re both a bit out of their element at the moment, they’ll actually sit on the couch together sometimes. That might change, but I’m enjoying the change of pace on that front at least.