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I’llDSC08043 post a pic of this in here later, but one of the great things about having your house at 81 and having reptile kids is watching them sack out in the living room. I have a mid-term tomorrow in my media law class, so I was cramming for most of the night. Fortunately, my iTunes genius mix has just the right study mix. Mostly, it’s just indie rock bands that have a mellow-ish sound; lots of Xx and Grizzly Bear with a side of MGMT among others. It starts with The Temper Trap’s “Though I Have Wronged You” and spits out indie awesomeness from there on. As I write this, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys is serenading me with that lonesome howl, “Lies, lies, lies…” Man, good stuff.

The lizards must of thought so too, though they all zonked out earlier to the tunes and just the relaxing nature of being home alone with Dad in a comfy papasan. I had Gobo the Asian Water Monitor out earlier, and she zonked out on the couch. Obviously, Gobo’s dietary habits include Irwin the Bearded Dragon sized rodents, meatballs and eggs, she has to stay on the other side of the room from him, ergo she crashed on the top of the couch behind me as I studied.

I put a towel down for Dorian in the seat of the papasan in case he decides to express disapproval of me for having Gobo on his couch later. He’s seriously zonked over there, so here’s hoping he doesn’t get up before me and have his revenge with weaponized poo. Funny how such an adorable little guy can be so incorrigible.

Well I gotta crash myself. Big exam tomorrow, and the wife returns from New York. Should be a great day!