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Friends who have dogs and cats often tell me about that one of their most favorite things about having a fuzzy friend is the ability to curl up on the couch with a good book and their special friend cuddled warmly in their lap or next to them as they read. When I tell them that my iggy does the same thing, they always give the same dumbfounded look of disbelief as if their waiting for the “I’m just kidding” to signal a chuckle or chortle at the gullibility of those who would believe such folly.

DSC08062But no. Here is pure photographic proof that iguanas cuddle with their owners and their good books just like that mangey cat your crazy aunt claims speaks Spanish because she caught him watching Univision one day. I don’t read a lot for fun anymore, sometimes getting a PhD is like George Costanza just out of the pool in the Hamptons, horribly sucking all that is fun and good out of your life. Normally, I’m reading some tome from my communications research hurriedly scratching down quotes and excerpts from the various texts. I’m so focused on devouring as much material as possible, and saving so much of it for posterity (and that darn dissertation I’ll be writing), that as such, I don’t really cuddle with Dorian when reading.

But every now and then, I do, and here I am reading about digital games and ludology on the couch recently. You can see Dorian is fast asleep, hogging the pillow like usual, and cuddled in snuggly as I read from the book. After reading a few pages, I’ll knock of for a nap, and Dorian will stay right with the entire time. Sometimes though, he’ll show his displeasure at my divided concentration, and put his hand on my book to draw my attention to what’s most important, his comfiness.

And here you thought it was just cats and dogs who used the paws of distraction.