This weekend the wife and I traveled back to the heartland for my high school class reunion. Unlike a common trope in popular media, I actually looked forward to seeing all my former classmates more than a few years later. We had an anesthesiologist, a few dentists, a lawyer, even a country singer from Nashville, … people who have really made something of themselves, … and me. But seriously, it was really great seeing all these old friends from all over the country who shared four fantastic years together in a dinky backwards hick town in northeast Indiana. If you really think about it, it’s remarkable that so many talented and amazing people came out of that small town full of small people, small minds, and small ideas.

Other than my wife snarking “Well now I know that all I have to look forward to is crow’s feet,” we couldn’t help but notice how so many of my classmates had kids, but (importantly) didn’t define themselves by having mini-clones. Ages and genders were mentioned, but other than an initial demographic offering, the children were better left seen and not heard. These are people who more than the sum of their loins, and I feel pretty lucky to be able to hang out with some really cool peeps who don’t judge me for not breeding.

But my wife and I are parents in a way. Our children just happen to have scales. We had quite an enjoyable time showing pics of our little squirts to my shocked classmates. Exclamations of “Holy cow! They’re huge!” and “Wait, he just walks around the house?” made us snort and snicker with a knowingness we just love to share. It is such a treat to share with non-reptile people how great they can be as pets, and how much spunk and personality they, and especially the iguanas, have.
My favorite reaction may have from Leslie who said, “Omigish! I’m such a (wuss) that I’d be scared to be around them!” only to change her tune “Oh well, now I admit, that is pretty adorable,” when shown an iPhone pic of Dorian and Irwin cuddling on the couch together.

One other note, it really didn’t surprise people that I had such strange and exotic pets, which in turn was not much of a surprise for me. Let’s be honest, you gotta be a lil’ weird to walk around with a phone full of photos and ready to share, “Hey, you wanna see my lizards?”