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The couch is mine!

The couch is mine!

Amber here. This semester has been rough. Our spring break, which is tied to Easter, came late this year, and I thought it would never get here. I spend too much time up in New York and not enough time at home with the lizards. Today, the first day of spring break, has been awesome. Nothing but cuddling. And Dorian is happy to humor me.

The best time to cuddle with Dorian is directly after his bath. I don’t have to worry that he might decide to punish me for touching him, he’s warm but it’s usually early enough that he’s happy to have hugs before breakfast. We laid on the couch today after his bath and both zonked out for a few hours. He’s the best cuddler because he never wants to get up. 20 minutes turns into an hour and an hour turns into two. I lift my arm up to look at my cell phone, and he bobs his head just a bit to say, “whatever you have to do can wait. We’re too comfortable right now.” This can be dangerous, obviously. But this was just the message I needed today. While Dorian will never like me as much as he does his dad, I am happy that he’ll cuddle with me like this. It was perfect.