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I rule this house!

I rule this house!

Amber here. We’ve been busy in Dorian-land. Summer for academics, contrary to popular opinion, does not mean lounging by the pool and reading for fun. I’m busy at work on a few publications and finally taking some time to work on my book proposal, and Theo is buried in his dissertation work and preparing to do some fieldwork for his project. Dorian, of course, keeps us company through all of our work and frequently steals the comfy chair.

Last week, though, we had to take a trip that was a little less fun. We flew to Idaho for the memorial service of Theo’s uncle. I feel terrible that I was never able to meet him, but the stories everyone told at the memorial service gave me the picture of a man that both Dorian and I would have liked – a little bit of a rough exterior, but with a heart of gold.

Our trip, of course, meant that we again needed the services of a pet sitter. Our normal sitter was visiting family back home, so we had a new sitter (Emily) from the pet service visit us a few days before our trip to get acquainted with everyone. We spent a good deal of time making sure that she was comfortable holding Dorian and working with everyone’s routine. Dorian knew the jig was up. Someone came over and spent an abnormally long time talking about him and the other lizards? That means Mom (and more importantly, Dad) are leaving.

We got a great report from the sitter, though. While Dorian did knock down his food bowl the last two days we were gone, he didn’t leave any surprises on his shelf, and generally seemed to have been a good iggy. Emily let Dorian run around a bit while she was working with the other kids, which is key. Dorian needs to check everything out in the house and make sure that everything is in its rightful place.

The day we came home, though, Dorian was a funny ig. We had been gone just long enough that he was happy to see us, but short enough that he was also a little irritated. Mostly, he was happy to¬†make his rounds and keep an eye on the iguana and beardies in the other room. He also had a long cuddle with Theo, but afterwards climbed down off the couch and head bobbed at both of us. How dare we leave! The funniest thing, though, was when I sat with Dorian in the papasan. We hugged for a little while, but then he kept turning around in the chair like he was uncomfortable. He sat on my legs, he squeezed into the space between my arm and the chair cushion, all of which said, “you need to get out of the chair so I can be comfortable.” So I did. I said, “you win, Dorian. You can have the chair.” As soon as I stood up, he turned around once and got comfy. He sat in the chair for most of the night and completely sank into the cushion. Everything in our condo is Dorian’s. Home sweet home, indeed.