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I admit I’m a little nuts. Society already views me as such, what with owning a large reptile, and the general indifference to people’s shock and concern that we treat him just as they do with their feline and canine friends. Some honestly find my nonchalance at Dorians normality disturbing,”Wait… You mean he just walks around your house?!” Yes, yes he does.

It should come as no surprise then that we look at these situations and commonly held attitudes and behaviors with a healthy dose of contempt and subversion. Who hasn’t been assaulted with photo after photo of Muffincups the bichon dressed as Dorothy Gale in furry four-legged miniature? Or how about Pompom the Pomeranian as a pampered princess? Fine. Great. Seen it. Been there done that. 

How about an iguana as an adorable cuddly koala? No? Well, I have just the image for you. While in Phoenix for the Association of Internet Research’s annual conference, I happened upon a local ASPCA affiliated pet store. I found my way to an assortment of costumes on a display, and the koala immediately jumped out to me as something my wife would want to dress Dorian in … like … NOW. 

Needless to say, I dressed him in the costume and snapped these pics for Amber as she was at FemRhet. Though he wasn’t happy about it, Dorian was a good sport in allowing me to crawl down on the floor and take his photo multiple times. Better yet, he walked around as a koala for the better part of the afternoon. I nearly cried laughing at how silly it was. 

Oh, I can’t wait for next year!