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As many of you know, Dorian has his own YouTube channel, which may be the very reason you found this blog. Of course, we have a number of videos of the other kids in our family, but the whole reason I started the blog back in 2012 was because of Dorian. He was doing so many funny things that I wanted to archive all of these great moments in our lives. The YouTube channel has 200+ subscribers. No videos achieved what might be called viral,  but that’s okay. I never really meant for anyone beyond my close-knit circle of relatives and friends really watch the product. Most of the videos are just a few minutes long and show Dorian, Gobo, or the beardies doing something silly or abject to what popular culture thinks of a reptile’s nature. By this, I mean to say that most people don’t think of green iguanas as cuddly. If you’ve followed my blog at all, you’ll notice that I vehemently disagree with that statement. It’s showing how, frankly, normal owning reptiles actually is.

You dress your dog up for Halloween? Me too! Have a birthday party for your pet? Me too! Talk about your pet as if they’re a person? Me too.

A few weeks back, I received an email on YouTube from a man claiming to be a producer with TruTV, a cable channel I’m only familiar with as the home of the hilarious Impractical Jokers, the incisive Adam Ruins Everything, and that show about a somewhat dubious towing company. Needless to say, the request struck me as odd. The video “Stupid Pet Tricks” shows Dorian eating a piece of bread out of my mouth is nearly 7 years old and only has about 4,800 views. So how they found the video and what led them to contact me still remains a bit murky.

But nonetheless, I replied to his email, and the conversation went from “we would like to use your video on our show” to “could you and Dorian make it to New York City to be on the show?” This is just too good to pass up. I just talked to my cousin, and we both laughed at the serendipity that is so often my life. “Hey, you want to teach in Japan for two years?” “Congrats, you’re the Colts mascot for the day!” “You just bought the last ticket for Cillian Murphy’s one-man show in Galway.” So often, I just luck myself into these awesome experiences. Really, Dorian the TV star is no different. I expect tomorrow to be a rather wild and crazy day. I’ll be back later this week to tell you all about it.