As I mentioned in the last post here, I would be sure to write about Dorian’s adventure in the Big Apple and his foray onto the small screen. After a busy week, and another followed by world travels (more on that later) things have settled down enough for me to actually type it out!

With such a big trip ahead of us, I had plenty of the things to in preparation of smooth travels. I had to ready the other kids, Okewa and Jürgen for a day without Dad whilst we were in New York. Clean house and pick up clutter in anticipation of the petsitter. Gas up the car and clean it out the front seat, tossing bottles and cans from prior road trips into the recycling bin. Finally, I had to prep the iggy, which is sometimes no easy task.

img_4098-2Dorian has a large black canvas duffel bag of the military variety that you so often see our young soldiers, sailors and marines carry through the airports. In hustle and bustle of the afternoon, he knows something’s up. When he sees the black bag, he knows something’s going down, and most likely, he’s getting stuffed in the bag and being taken somewhere. It’s how he travels. To the vet. From Florida to Kentucky. From Alabama to Ohio. Buddy-boy knows thats his bag, and what it’s for. This time, he wasn’t too sure he wanted to go. As you can see in he picture, I can back into the parlor only to find him already pulling his Michael Scofield after a few minutes. I quickly managed to stuff his head back into the bag so we could head out the door.

img_4106The trip was slotted to take roughly seven hours by car, nearly all of it on I-80. ‪‬On such trips, I usually put Dorian in the front seat so I can watch him, and protect him from sliding around as happens occasionally whilst driving on the interstate. On this particular Sunday, we packed up around noon, and began our road trip shortly thereafter. Dorian wrangled about for a while, trying to figure out where he was and what was going on, and then just to establish a comfier position. At that point, he’d resigned himself to his fate, and just cuddled down to go to sleep.

We got into Manhattan a little after 8:00 pm. I pulled up for valet parking to take the car, grabbed my clothes and backpack, and squirreled Dorian inside his duffel under my arm, quickly making my way through the 50° weather into the hotel on Park Ave. Now, I’m not sure the hotel (which shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) would be happy knowing a 12 lb lizard was making his home in the hotel for the evening, but I took no chances. Fortunately, Dorian was dead tired at this point, and he barely moved an inch. We got checked in with no problem, though I did have to beg off when the porter asked if he could help me by carrying the duffel bag upstairs. “Uh, no, I got it, thanks. You can carry these dress shirts though.”

When we finally got to the room on the 12th floor, it was like we were in the most absurd of Hollywood comedies. Silk sheets, fine linens, delicate pillows. What?! Dorian for his part was rather non-plussed. He just rolled with the mood as if to say, “Oh yes, this is for me. Of course it is. I am the King!”

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Look at that guy! It’s like he owns the place!

Well, frankly, he does. Without him, we never would have made the video all those years ago, nor would we have made the trip to New York, nor had a chance to star on television. I’ll share the second half of the story soon. See you then!